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If medication is applied excessivelyno more rapid or better results will be obtained and marked rednesspeelingor discomfort may occurOral ingestion of the drug may lead to the same side effects as those associated with excessive oral intake of Vitamin A.

If any of these effects persist or worsennotify your doctor or pharmacist promptlyYour doctor may want you to decrease how often you use tretinoinchange the strength or typeor have you stop using it.

Use the medication as soon as you rememberIf it is almost time for the next doseskip the missed dose and wait until your next regularly scheduled doseDo not apply extra medicine to make up the missed dose.

These reactions do not happen to everyoneIf they doit is just your skin adjusting to RETIN-A and this usually subsides within two to four weeksThese reactions can usually be minimized by following instructions carefullyShould the effects become excessively troublesomeconsult your doctor.

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